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Summer School Scholarship


Deadline: May 15, 2018

Application form

Students who are preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of Translation Studies (which includes interpreting and localization) are invited to apply for this scholarship of 1,000 euros.

Applicants must be EST members at the time of applying.

The grant can be for any summer school organized in the field of Translation Studies for the purpose of training researchers.

The applications will be evaluated by the corresponding committee, who will base their judgement on the application as a whole, taking into account all information asked for: the technical quality of the project, the applicant's competences and needs, and the relationship between the project and the summer school programme selected.

To apply, please fill in the application form (including the attachments) and send it to secretarygeneralest@gmail.com. Along with the form, applicants are asked to send a letter of recommendation from their dissertation advisor as a PDF or scanned attachment.

Receipt of complete applications will be acknowledged by e-mail.

The name of the scholarship recipient will be announced on the Society's website in the second week of June each year and notice will also be sent (by e-mail) to each of the candidates.

Previous scholarship holders:
2004: Müge Isiklar Kocak (Izmir, Turkey)
2005: Ahmad Ayyad (Aston, UK)
2006: Cristina Valentini (Forlì, Italy)
2007: Seyda Eraslan (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)
2008: Elisabet Tiselius (Stockholm, Sweden), Alberto Fernández Costales (Oviedo, Spain)
2009: Hanna Pięta (Lisbon, Portugal), Maria Tymczyńska (Poznań, Poland), Alice Leal (Vienna, Austria)
2010: Sabina Tcaciuc (Aston, UK)
2011: Kyriaki Kourouni (Thessaloniki, Greece). Report here.
2012: David Orrego-Carmona (Tarragona, Spain). Report here.
2013: Alenka Morel (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Report here.
2014: Paweł Korpal (Poznań, Pland). Report here.
2015: Juho Suokas (Eastern Finland). Report here.
2016: İnci Sarız-Bilge (Amherst, US). Report here.
2017: Marie-France M. K. Guénette (Montréal, Canada). Report here.

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