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New items for online bibliographies of Translation Studies

The data entered through the form below iis relayed to both BITRA and the Benjamins Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB).

As a first step, please check to see if the publication you want to propose
is already in one or both of these databases.

Data can also be directly entered to the TSB here.

For an example of what the BITRA entries should look like, please check here.

Keywords (your own - they will be standardized later) :
Authors (family name/s, given names; other authors are given in the normal order and are separated by a semi-colon (;), with "&" prior to the last name. Editors should be indicated with (ed.) or (eds) after the name or names, e.g. "Johnson, Mary; José Pla Martínez & John Smith":

Year of publication (first edition wherever possible; full date for publication in periodical):

Title (plus non-English titles translated into English and placed between square brackets):

Place of publication (city, state). If the publication is freely available on the web, give the full web address (URL):
Pages (total number of pages in book, or first and last pages of publication in periodical):

Language(s) of publication:

Type of publication (note that Masters theses/dissertations are not accepted, but doctoral theses/dissertations are(:

ISBN or ISSN (without hyphens):

Series or collection (not to be confused with the name of the publisher):

Table of contents (in the case of a book): Only give the basic chapters, not the sub-chapters. For a collective book, list all contributions. if there are more than 30 contributions, only list the main sections:

Abstract: A non-evaluative text of between 50 and 150 words (4 to 12 lines), in English if possible (otherwise, in the language of the publication you are describing). Indicate in square brackets if the abstract comes from the author, publisher, or any other source, e.g. [Source: author / Publisher / Editor / Smith]

Comments: In the case of a collective book, give further details (editors, year of publication, title of book): e.g. "In Bel, Edith Le (ed.) 1995. La masque et la plume: traducir, reflexiones, experiencias y prácticas". in the case of conference proceedings, indicate the name, place and dates of the conference. In the case of a translation, indicate the name of the translator. Please also indicate if it is a written version of a lecture or speech, and if there are various editions (indicate the years):

Publications cited: Please give Author, Year and Title for all publications cited in this publication. The list should be limited to Translation Studies publications. If a given reference deals with TS and is not already in BITRA, please provide a new entry for it. (This is the most laborious part of the contribution, especially if the publication to be mined is a book and includes many bibliographical references. Don’t worry. It does not matter if you’d rather not complete this part, although it is always much better to have a full record.)

Acknowledgements: Name of person proposing the entry. You can also add the name of the research project or your academic institution, if you so desire.

Your email address:



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