EST symposium on publishing in TS

September 23, 2005

Hogeschool Gent, Belgium



In this section, you will find the written versions of the 4 presentations made in Ghent, as well as the preliminary report of a survey on the contributorsí views.

After the symposium per se, this completes the second step of the operation, which should serve as a trigger for further exchanges and reflections (third step). If appropriate, depending on the amount of nature of the exchanges, there will be a fourth step, namely publication of an edited report, electronically or as a hard copy.

You are invited to send us (to your comments, questions and reports on personal experience you have had as an author, an editor, a referee or a publisher which might be of interest to colleagues, and in particular to young colleagues. Even reports on situations that you believe to be atypical could be valuable to others who might find themselves in other situations which could share some of their characteristics.

††††††††††† These contributions could take the form of a short message, or a few paragraphs, or a short text. They will be posted here, either with the name of their author or as an anonymous contribution, depending on your wishes.


Daniel Gile




Helle Damís contribution on journal editing


Lucile Desblacheís contribution on electronic journals


Riitta Jššskelšinenís contribution on editing collective volumes


Aline Remaelís contribution on peer reviewing


Report on a survey on the authorsí views


Further comments and contributions from colleagues