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Translation and Cognition Research Group

Translation and Cognition Research Group (IAL), Kent State University

The Translation and Cognition Research Group at the Institute for Applied Linguistics conducts empirical research into cognitive processes that underlie the performance and acquisition of the translation skill. Using methods grounded in psycholinguistics and cognitive science, the group focuses on research questions in three main areas:

1) text processing and translation: reading and comprehension during translation, writing in translation, translation and inferencing, translation and situation models

2) expertise in translation: acquisition of translation skill, novice-expert differences, translation difficulty, translation performance assessment, translation problem-solving

3) editing and revision in translation: post-editing of machine translation, self-revision vs. other revision, cognitive processes in revision

Recent projects include studies of sight translation processes using eye-tracking and speech disfluency analysis, pause analysis in the post-editing of translation memory segments produced by machine translation, and the study of self and other-revisions of student translations using assistive documentation (IPDR, TAP, Screen Recording).

The Group is a research affiliate of the PACTE Group headquartered in Barcelona and maintains close research relationships with the translation research groups at the Copenhagen Business School.

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