See M. Menacere, "The training of translators in Algeria: Problems and perspectives", FIT Newsletter, 1992.

A. Aïssani L’enseignement de la traduction en Algérie Meta, XLV, 3, 2000

Université d'Alger. Département de traduction et d'interprétation
Faculté Centrale. Rue Didouche Mourad. Algiers
Established 1964, modified 1973 and 1998
Students: 1000
· Four-year undergraduate degree programme leading to Licence de Traduction, open to students with good university-entrance qualifications in languages and who have passed a selection test.
· A postgraduate diploma in specialized translation (Diplôme de Traduction Spécialisée) has been available for graduates of the institute since 1988. There are currently 10 students in this programme studying Arabic-English translation.
Languages: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German.
(July 2011)


Université d'Oran. Institut de Langues Étrangères. Département de traduction et d'interprétariat
Oran. Es-Senia
Established 1984
Students: 829
· Four-year undergraduate programme in translation and interpreting, leading to a Diplôme de Traducteur-interprète.
Languages: Arabic, English (French, Spanish and German as second foreign languages).
(July 2011)