Alexandria University. Faculty of Arts. Department of English
Fax: 4833088
Established 1992
Students: 320
· Four-year undergraduate programme leading to BA in English Language and Translation.
Specialization: economics, mass media, politics.
Languages: Arabic, English.
(August 1994)

Cairo - Al-Alsun
Al-Alsun University. Faculty of Languages
Khalifa Al-Maamoun Street. Abassya
Tel: 2626259. Fax: 2627214
Established 1835*
Students: 2,000 (How many are specifically trained as translators and interpreters?)
· ??-year undergraduate programme leading to BA in ???.
· ??-year programme leading to Translation Diploma.
· ??-year undergraduate programme leading to MA.
· ??-year Ph.D. programme.
Specialization: Translation and interpreting.
Languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, African languages (which??), Turkish.
Student/teacher exchanges with Glasgow, Manchester, London University, Prague, Barcelona (Autònoma?), Indiana, Maghill, Naples, Beijing, Moscow.
* The institution was established in 1835 by Mohamed Ali, the ruler of Egypt, on the recommendation of Rifa' al-Tahtawi, one of the leading writers and translators of the time. It was first known as Madrasat al-Tarjama (The Translation School) before becoming Al-Alsun (The Tongues).
(September 1994)

Cairo - American University
The American University in Cairo. Center for Adult and Continuing Education. Arabic and Translation Studies Division
28, Falaki St. Bab El-Louk. P.O. Box 2511. Cairo
Tel: 357.6873. Fax: 355.7565. E-mail:
Established 1976
Students: 700
· One-year programme leading to a Professional Certificate in Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting.
· Two-year programme leading an Advanced Professional Certificate in Translation and Simultaneous Interpreting.
Specialization: law, diplomacy, jounalism, development, subtitling.
Languages: Arabic, English.
(January 1995: MDR 1998)

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