See Pál Heltai, "Training Technical Translators in Hungary" (2002).

Eötvös Loránd University. Faculty of Humanities. Interpreter and Translator Training Centre (ITTC)
Amerikai út 96. H-1145 Budapest
Tel and fax: : 36.1.251 2537
Director: Dr Kinga KLAUDY
Established 1973
Students: 50 per year
· Two-semester postgraduate programme for the training of professional translators and consecutive interpreters, leading to a Certificate of Translation and/or a Certificate of Consecutive Interpreting. An assessment service is provided for experienced translators and interpreters who wish to obtain the certificates without attending the courses. Plus: four semester postgraduate course in translation and conference-interpreting with EU specialization.
Languages in  AB training:: A-Hungarian, B- English, French, German, Russian.
Langugaes in  ABC training: A- Hungarian, B- English, French, German, C- English, French, German and Spanish
(June  1999)

Eötvös Loránd University. Faculty of Sciences. Foreign Language Centre
Rákóczi út 5. H-1088 Budapest
Tel: 36.1.266 8931. Fax: 36.1.266 7952
Established 1979
Students: ???
· ??-year supplementary degree in ??, open to students with intermediate level (with ?? years of university training).
Specialization: natural sciences.
Languages: Hungarian, English, French, German, Russian.
(June 1994)

Budapest-Comparative Literature
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). Faculty of Humanities. Department of Comparative Literature. Independent Programme in Literary Translation (Osszehasonlitó Irodalomtudományi Tszk)
Piarista köz 1. H-1052 Budapest
Tel: 36.1.267 0966
Established 1991
Students: 153
· Two-year programme open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Specialization: literary texts.
Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian.
(November 1994)

Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences. Language Centre
Egyetem tér 1. H-4010 Debrecen
Tel: 36.52.316666 Fax: 36.52.329306
Established 1978 (English), 1993 (German).
Students: 270 (of which 250 in English, 20 in German)
· Four-year programme leading to degree of English-Hungarian Specialist Translator or German-Hungarian Specialist Translator, open to students with "intermediate level of proficiency".
Specialization: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics.
Languages: Hungarian, English, German.
(December 1994)

Janus Pannonius University. Dept. of Slavic Studies.
H-7624 Pécs Ifjúság útja 6
Tel: 36.72.327 622/4139 Fax: 36.72.315 738. E-mail:
Established 1993
Students: 24
· Four-year programme leading to degree of Russian Interpreter and Translator, open to students with "intermediate level of proficiency".
Languages: Hungarian, Russian.
Exchanges: Trieste (planned).
(November 1994)

University of Western Hungary (BDTF). Dept. of Applied Linguistics
H-9700 Szombathely. Berzsenyi tér 2. Hungary
Tel: 36.94.3310 526 Fax: 36.94.310 527. E-mail:
Established 1991 (BA), 1994 (MA)
Students: 102 (30 in English, 60 in German, 12 in Masters)
· Undergraduate programme leading to a B.A. with a Special Certificate in English Translation; the translation module lasts four semesters.
· Undergraduate programme leading to a B.A. with German Translation as a complementary speciality.
· Four-semester advanced programme leading to an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Translation.
Specialization: law, computer-assisted translation.
Languages: Hungarian, English, German.
Exchanges with Aberdeen, Birmingham, Durham, Hull, Karlsruhe, Munster, Thames Valley, Wuppertal.
(January 1995)

Last update 22 June 1999