University College Cork. Language Centre (School of Language and Literature)
Cork. Republic of Ireland
Tel: 353-21-27 68 71 ext. 2905 (director), ext. 2043 (secretariate)
Established 1989
Students: ??
· One-year postgraduate Diploma in Translation (Institute of Linguists), open to students with a first degree.
· A one-year M.A. in Translation Studies is planned.
Specialization: commerce, health, sciences, literary translating.
Languages: English, German (French, Italian and Spanish are planned).

Dublin City University. School of Applied Languages
Dublin 9. Ireland
Tel: 353.1.704 5000. Fax: 353.1.360 830
Established 1982
Students: 252 (of which 240 in B.A., 12 in M.A.)
· Four-year undergraduate programme in translation studies with interpreting (bilateral and consecutive) in final year, leading to B.A. in Applied Languages (Translating with Interpreting). Students spend the third year studying at a foreign university.
· One-year advanced programme leading to M.A. in Translation Studies, open to students who have completed the above degree or equivalent.
Specialization: science, technical texts, economics, law, terminology, translation technology, literature.
Languages: Gaelic, English, French, German, Spanish (Japanese is planned).
Student exchanges with Paris (ESIT), Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Mulhouse, Brussels (ISTI), Mons, Laval, Germersheim, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Saarbrucken, Graz, Innsbruck, Barcelona (Bellaterra), Granada, Las Palmas, Oviedo.

University of Limerick. Limerick, Ireland. Department of Computer Science and Information Systems.
Tel:+353-61-333644 FaX +353-61-334859
· Graduate Diploma/Master of Science in Software Localisation
Deals with language engineering, without specific reference to translation.

Last update 16 January 1999