The following information has been provided through Professor Masaomi Kondo of the Daito Bunka University.
According to Professor Kondo (letter of 9 November 1994), the incipient Daito Bunka programme in interpreting in economic affairs seems to be the only solid interpreter-training course currently offered at the post-graduate level in Japan. There are however many universities where undergraduate translator-training courses are given as part of programmes in departments of English, Foreign Languages, Liberal Arts, etc. (as at Kyoto and Osaka in the list below). There are also many good private language schools where interpreting courses are given without leading to any officially controlled degree or diploma. In some cases successful students at these schools are offered jobs (as at Tokyo-NHK and Tokyo-Inter School in the list below). Perhaps because of this important private sector, the information presented here has been difficult to locate and remains merely the tip of the iceberg.
See also Daniel Gile, "Japanese Logic and the Training of Interpreters". Deanna L. Hammond, ed. Languages at the Crossroads. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association. Medford, New Jersey: Learned Information Inc. 257-264.

Kyoto Tachibana Women's University
34 Yamada-cho. Oyake. Yamashina-ku. Kyoto 607
Tel: 81.75.571 1111. Fax: 81.75.574 4122
Established 1992
Students: approx. 200
· Four-year undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor of Arts, including introductory second-year courses on translation or interpreting, and specialized courses in the third and fourth years on Japanese-English translation, English-Japanese translation, or interpreting.
Specialization: Modern Japanese literature, children's literature in English, films and videos as the basis of the interpreting courses.
Languages: Japanese, English.
Exchanges with Brisbane (Japanese), Marymount, La Trobe University (Australia), Waikato University (New Zealand), Okanagan University (Canada), Leslie College (USA), Stirling University (UK).
(March 1995)

Osaka University of Foreign Studies. English Department
8-1-1, Aomatani-Higashi. Minoo-shi. Osaka 562
Tel./Fax: 81.727.28 311
Established 1982
Students: 20
· One-year course on simultaneous interpreting open to "regular juniors majoring in English studies. No screening is made, though limited capacity means that only 20 students are admitted."
Specialization: Source materials are taken from international conferences, news commentaries, etc.
Languages: Japanese, English.
(March 1995)

*Tokyo - Daito Bunka
Daito Bunka University. Graduate School of Economics
1-9-1, Takashimadaira. Itabashi-ku. Tokyo 175
Tel: 81.3.5399 7344. Fax: 81.3.5399 7342
Established 1995
Students: 2 (first year of operation)
· Two-year specialized interpreting course leading to the degree of Master of Economics with major in Conference Interpreting in Economic Affairs, open to students who have completed a first degree (four years) and who pass an entrance test.
Specialization: economics, socioeconomic international affairs.
Languages: Japanese, English.
(March 1995)

*Tokyo - ICU
International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa. Mitaka-shi. Tokyo 181
Tel: 81.422.33 3131
Established 1955
Students: approx. 40
· One-year elective course in conference interpreting, as part of a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Communication.
Specialization: economics, political science, humanities, international relations.
Languages: Japanese, English.
(March 1995)

*Tokyo - Japan Translation Federation
Makino Building 3F Hachobori 2-8-1 Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0032
TEL 03-3555-6365 FAX 03-3552-1784
Established 1990
- The Japan Translation Federation does not provide translator training. However, biannually (the fourth Saturday in February and July) it holds the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approved translation certification examination. This is currently the only government recognized translation qualification in Japan. Applicants can select the following fields:
- Politics and economics
- Science and technology
- Finance and banking
- Medicine and pharamceuticals
- Information technology (IT)
- Patents

(April 2008 - our thanks to Peter Winchcomb-Wada)


*Tokyo - NHK
NHK Joho Network. International Training Project
Daini Kyodo Bldg Annex. 7-7 Udagawa-cho. Shibuya-ku. Tokyo 150
Tel: 81.3.3463 5311. Fax: 81.3.3463 5329
Established 1992
Students: 110
· Course in broadcast interpretation (voice-over/simultaneous) and translation (Japanese into English), open to students who have over 620 in TOEFL and good background knowledge of international affairs. Successful students are offered translation jobs at NHK (Nihon Hoso Kyokai, a public broadcasting station).
Specialization: Television news.
Languages: Japanese, English.
(March 1995)

*Tokyo - Inter School
Inter School
8-5-32 Akasaka Minato-ku. Tokyo 107
Tel/Fax: 81.3.3479 4861
Established 1966
Students: approx. 200
· Programme in translation and interpreting: Japanese into English, English into Japanese, Japanese into Chinese, Chinese into Japanese. No diploma is issued, but successful students are offered jobs.
Specialization: international conferences, sports events, etc.
Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English.
(March 1995)

Toyo Eiwa Women's University
32-1 Miho-cho. Midori-ku. Yokohama-shi. Kanazawa-ken 226
Tel: 81.45.922 5511. Fax: 81.45.922 5517
Established 1993
Students: approx. 20 per class per year
· Two-year elective course in conference interpreting open to junior and senior students from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Human Sciences.
Languages: Japanese, English.
(April 1995)