École Supérieure Roi Fahd de Traduction (The King Fahd School of Translation)
B.P. 410 Tangiers, Morocco
Tel: 212.9.946478 / 212.9. 942813. Fax: 212.9.940835
Established 1986-87
Students: 90
· Two-year programme leading to Diplôme de Traducteur, open to students with a baccalaureate degree (Licence). A three-year programme is open to students who have completed two years of university studies (DEUG) and do not have a Licence.
Specialization: economics, law, technical texts.
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish.
Exchanges: Antwerp, Barcelona (Bellaterra), Bath, Lyon (Lumière), Maastricht, Mons, Salford, Tunis (Institut Bourguiba).
(June 1994)

Last update 1 June 1998