Jagiellonian University Postgraduate School for Translators and Interpreters
Al.Mickiewicza 9/11 31-120 Kraków
Tel. 48.12. 33-63-77 ext. 310, 313 Fax. 48 12. 22-67-93
Established: 1995
- Two-year course designed for students who are native speakers of Polish and already in employment.
Languages: Polish, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian.
(MDR 1998)

Czestochowa University of Foreign Languages and Economics
ul. Tkacka 3/5. PL-42-200 Czestochowa
Tel: 48.34.65 18 39. Tel/Fax: 48.34.65 55 54
Established 1994
Students: 20
· Two-year advanced programme leading to the diplomas of Bilingual Translator, Trilingual Translator and Quadrilingual Translator, open to students who have completed a first degree (Licencjat) in foreign languages.
· Three-year advanced programme leading to the diplomas of Bilingual Interpreter, Trilingual Interpreter and Quadrilingual Interpreter, open to students who have completed a Magister (M.A.) or diploma of proficiency in foreign languages.
Specialization: mass media, tourism, economics, science and technology, law.
Languages: Polish, English, French, German, Russian.
Student exchanges: Brussels-ISTI, Southampton, Angers.
(March 1995)
Department of Translation Studies, Institute of English, University of Gdańsk 
ul. Wita Stwosza 55, Gdansk
Established 2005
Students: 170 (MA & BA); 50 (postgraduate diploma)
- Three-year BA Programme in Bilingual Translation, practically oriented programme (500 hours of practical translation classes)
- Two-year MA Programme in Bilingual Translation: Specialised Translation Track and Literary Translation Track; a broad array of practical elective courses, e.g. legal translation, business translation, medical translation, localisation, translation for tourism
- 1-year postgraduate diploma programmes in: Legal and Business Translation; Literary Translation, Localisation, IT for Translators, Interpreting
Languages: English and Polish.
(May 2011 - our thanks to Lucja Biel)

Uniwersytet Lódzki. Centre for Modern Translation Studies (Osrodek Badan i Studiów Przektadowych)
ul. Matejki 21/23, pok. 112. PL 90-231 Lódz
Tel: 48.42 35 47 48
Established 1994-95
Students: 42 (first year of operation)
· Two-year advanced programme leading to a "Study Diploma in Translation" (Dyplom Studia podyplomowa), open to students who have completed a Magister diploma or higher.
· Two-semester paraprofessional programmes (advanced, intermediate and beginner's) leading to a Certificate of Translation Studies (Zaswiadozenie).
Specialization: business, law, international affairs, technical/scientific texts.
Languages: Polish, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.
Exchanges: Discussions with Strasbourg (ITI).
The centre is supradepartmental and is designed to become self-financing as soon as possible, basically through tuition fees.
(October 1994)

Adam Mickiewicz University. School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages
Miedzychodzka 5. PL-60-371 Poznan
Tel: 48.61.615 511. ext. 25. Tel/Fax: 48.61.618 096
Established 1992
Students: 60
· Two-year advanced programme leading to a diploma in translation and interpretation (Swiadectwo ukonczenia studiow podyplomowych w zakresie tlumanczenia pisemnego i konferencyjnego w jezykach), open to students who have completed undergraduate studies. Students who need language consolidation are directed into a preliminary one-year intensive language programme.
Specialization: mass media, tourism, economics, banking, law, science and technology.
Languages: Polish, English, German.
Student exchanges: Copenhagen Business School, Mons.
(March 1995)

Adam Mickiewicz University. School of English, Department of Translation Studies
Address: ul. Niepodleglosci 4, 61-874 Poznan, Poland
Tel.: + 48 61 852 88 20. Fax: + 48 61 852 31 03
Established: 1993
Students: 36
Description: The School of English (Instytut Filologii Angielskiej) offers a 3-year MA in Translation and Interpreting Programme to selected students of English, following language-skills testing (English and German) and interpreter aptitude testing. The overall teaching load is currenly 2220 hours. Courses include LSP translation (e.g. translating legal and administrative texts), computer-assisted translation, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting, as well as background studies in fields such as economics, law, and European institutions.
The programme currently participates in student and staff exchange schemes with the Institut fuer Uebersetzer- und Dolmetscherausbildung in Vienna, as well as with Northampton and Aveiro. Languages: Polish (A), English (B), German (C) and Portuguese (C)
Comment: Teaching-and-research staff is composed of active certified translators and conference interpreters, many trained abroad (Monterey Institute of International Studies; European Parliament Interpretation Division)
(January 2000. Our thanks to Piotr Kwiecinski)

University of Warsaw. Institute of Applied Linguistics
ul. Browarna 8/10. PL 00-311 Warsawa
Tel: 48.22.26 13 91
Established 1973
Students: 400
· Five-year undergraduate programme leading to a "Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with Specialization in Teaching and Translation".
Specialization: socioeconomic, political, legal, cultural and technical terminology, interpreting.
Languages: Polish, English, French, German, Russian.
Exchanges: SCIC, Saarbrücken, Mannheim, Gemersheim.
An independent research and didactic college for the training of translators and teachers of foreign languages. Organizationally ILS operates within the structure of the Department of Applied Linguistics and Eastern-Slavic Philology.
(August 1994/2003. Our thanks to Christina Manetti)