University of Ljubljena. Filozofska fakulteta [Faculty of Arts]. Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Askerceva 2. 61001 Ljubljana
Tel: 386.61.1250.001. Fax: 386.61.1259.337
Established 1987
Students: 40 (English), 20 (German)
· Four-year undergraduate programme leading to Diplomiran anglist-prevajalec (BA Hons in English Translation) or Diplomiran nemcist-prevajalec (BA Hons in German Translation), open to students with eight years of English or German at school (approximately British A Level). Course structure is two years of general English or German plus two years of specialization in translation.
Languages: Slovene, English, German.
Exchanges: Graz, Heidelberg.
(July 1994)


University of Ljubljana. Faculty of Arts. Department of Translation and Interpreting
Address: Akerèeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 (0)61 2411500
Fax: +386 (0)61 221310
Established: 1996
Students: 100 in the first year for all the language combinations
Description: A four-year university course in translation and interpreting. The first two years are dedicated to language studies, cultural studies and general translation. In the third year, the students opt either for translation or interpreting. Translation courses cover specialised translation, such as legal translation, medical translation, political translation, business translation, literary translation, translating for the media, general translation, etc. Interpreting courses, on the other hand, comprise conference interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous)and liaison interpreting. Apart from the above-mentioned courses, students attend courses in languages, contrastive analysis, idiomaticity and stylistics, discourse analysis, word-formation, British (American, French, German, Italian) culture, literature, and other language- and culture-related courses. Furthermore, they may choose among a number of encyclopaedic subjects, such as international organisations, EU-related topics, medicine, etc. The course finishes with an MA thesis on a translation- or interpreting-related topic.
Specialization: general translation, specialised translation (technical, medical, legal, scientific, etc.), translation for the media, conference interpreting
Languages: Slovene, English, French, German, Italian
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