Université de Genève. École de Traduction et d'Interprétation (ETI)
ETI, UNI MAIL, bd. du Pont-d'Arve 40. CH-1211 Geneva 4
Tel : +41 22 379 87 04 Fax + 41 22 379 87 16
Established 1941 (programmes revised in 1972 and 1993)
Students: approx. 400
See web site for information on new degree programmes at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels (Licence en Traduction, DESS en Traduction, en TIM (Traitement informatique multilingue - multilingual document processing), DEA en Traduction, DEA en Interprétation, DEA en TIM, Diplôme d'Interprète, Doctorat en Traduction, Doctorat en TIM, Doctorat en Interprétation).
(The sigla are explained here, more or less.)
Specialization: law, economics, interpreting, computer-assisted translating, terminology.
Languages: French, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.
CIUTI member.
(January 2000 - many thanks to Susan Armstrong and Barbara Moser-Mercer)

Dolmetscherschule Zürich
Thurgauerstrasse, 56. CH-8050 Zürich
Tel: 01-301 48 68. Fax: 01-301 48 96
Established 1967
Students: 281
· Seven-semester undergraduate programme leading to a diploma in translating (Übersetzer-Diplom)
· Four-semester advanced programme leading to a diploma in conference interpreting (Konferenz-Dolmetscher-Diplom), continuing from the above diploma.
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

Last update 14 January 2000