See María Julia Sainz, "The role of translation in Uruguay", Language International 5.6 (1993), 32-34. In Uruguay, as in many other South American countries, students are specifically trained to be sworn or certified translators, with the legal right to translate and sign public documents. The School of Law at the University of Uruguay was authorized to issue the degree of Traductor Público in 1855.

Universidad de la República. Facultad de Derecho. Curso de Traductorado
18 de Julio 1824 [street name]. 11.200 Montevideo
Tel: 598.2.402371
Established 1986
Students: 80
· Four-year programme leading to dipoma of Traductor Público (sworn or certified translator) in the selected language. Admission is based on exams in Spanish and the selected language.
Specialization: legal translation, sworn translation.
Langauges: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
(June 1994)

Last update 1 June 1998