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For updated information, see the TISAC inventory (2011).

Historical information has been taken from William M. Park, Translator and Interpreter Training in the USA: A Survey. Second Edition. American Translators Association (1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 220. Alexandria, VA 22314. USA. Fax: 1.703.683 6122), 1993. The first directory of US translator-training institutions was compiled by Etilvia Arjona in 1981, the second by Marilyn Gaddis Rose in 1983. The first edition of William Park's directory is dated 1989.
See also Vicky E. Santibáñez, Advanced Translator Training in the United States (2001)

University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Translation Center
442 Herter Hall. Amherst, MA 01002
Tel: 1.413. 545-2203 Fax: 1.413, 577-3400 Toll free: (877) 77U-MASS
E-Mail: transcen@hfa.umass.edu
- Undergraduate courses in Department of Comparative Literature
- MA in Translation Studies (with Department of Comparative Literature)
(MDR 1998)

University of Arkansis. English Department and Comparative Literature Program. Translation Workshop
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: 1.501 575 6005. Fax: 1.501 575 5919
Established 1974
Students: 12
· Three-to-four-year Master of Fine Arts in Translation (with graduate assistantship), open to students with a first degree and good reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages. All students must produce a book-length thesis of translations.
Specialization: literary translation, mostly into English.
Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, weaker in Russian and Italian.
(February 1995)
State University of New York at Binghamton. Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP), Center for Research in Translation (CRIT)
Binghamton Universuty (SUNY). P.O. Box 6000. Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
Tel: 1.607.777 6726 / 6765 / 6763. Fax: 1.607.777 2280
E-mail: trip@binghamton.edu
Established 1971
Students: 25
· Postgraduate Certificate in Translation, which may be combined with any postgraduate degree programme (M.A. or Ph.D.).
Specialization: literary and scholarly translation, conference interpreting.
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Modern Greek, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese by arrangement; Korean is planned to be offered on a regular basis by Spring 1995).
Teacher exchanges with León, Copenhagen University, Leipzig.
(July 1994: MDR 1998)

Indiana University. Comparative Literature. Translation Studies
- One-year Certificate of Literary Translation
(MDR 1998)

Brigham Young
Brigham Young University. Department of Spanish and Portuguese
4050 JKHB Provo, UT 84602
Tel: 1.801.378 3465. Fax: 1.801.378 4649
Established 1976
Students: 130
· Four-year Bachelor of Arts programme, open to students who have completed five semesters of study.
Specialization: translation and interpreting.
Languages: English, Spanish.
See also the Translation Research Group.
(July 1994)

University of Charleston, South Carolina.
· MA programme in Bilingual Legal Interpreting.
(MDR 1998)

University of Texas at Dallas. Center for Translation Studies

University of Delaware. College of Arts and Science. Department of Linguistics
46 E. Delaware Avenue. Newark, Delaware 19716 2551
Tel: 1.302.831 6806. Fax: 1.302.831 6896
Established 1979 (certificate programme), 1992 (summer seminars)
Students: 8 to 25, depending on seminars.
· Short intensive summer seminars (two days to one week) in interpreting, open to regular university students as well as community members. No certificate is issued since "the courses concentrate on training, not testing".
Specialization: Simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreting; court and community interpreting. Topics and language combinations rotate.
Languages: English, Spanish. The June 1994 seminar was a "generic" consecutive course open to all language combinations with English, "providing training for interpreters whose languages would rarely be the focus of a class".
(February 1995)

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Gradua te certificate Program in Translation
(MDR 1998)

Florida International University
University Park Campus DM-482A. Miami, FL 33199
Tel: 1.305.348 2851. Fax: 1.305.348 1865
Established 1978
Students: 150
· Thirty-credit junior-status Certificate in Translation Studies.
· Thirty-credit junior-status Certificate in Legal Translation and Court Interpreting.
Specialization: Commerce, law, court nterpreting.
Languages: English, Spanish.
(November 1994)

Florida A&M
Florida A&M University. Critical Language Institute and Center for Translation Services
Tel: 904.599.3555
(MDR 1998)

Georgetown University. Division of Interpretation and Translation
Intercultural Center 225. Washington, D.C. 20057-0993
Tel: 1.202 687.5848. Fax: 1.202 687.5712
Established 1949
Students: 48
· One-year programme leading to Certificate of Proficiency as Conference Interpreter, open to advanced students (post-baccalaureate).
· One-year programme in non-literary translation leading to Certificate of Proficiency in Translation, open to advanced students (upper-class undergraduate/post-baccalaureate).
· Undergraduate minor in Translation for Georgetown undergraduates.
Specialization: non-literary translation, conference interpreting.
Languages - Interpretation: Active English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese; passive Italian.
Languages - Translation: English < > French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese; Italian > English.
Member of CIUTI*, ISEP (International Student Exchange Programme).
(June 1994)

Georgia State
Georgia State University. Modern Languages
University Plaza. Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3083
Tel: 1.404 651 2265. Fax: 1.404 651 1785
Established 1970
Students: 30
· One-and-a-half-year postgraduate programme leading to Certificate in Translation or Certificate in Interpretation, open to students with a first degree.
Specialization: commerce, law, technical translation.
Languages: English, Spanish, French, occasionally German.
(November 1994)

University of Hawaii at Manoa. Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies
Moore Hall 161. 1890 East-West Road. Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Tel: 1.808.956 6233. Fax: 1.808.965 2078
Established 1988
Students: 7
· One-year advanced programme leading to a Certificate of Translation, open to students with a first degree.
· One-year advanced programme leading to a Certificate of Interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive), open to students with a first degree.
Specialization: non-literary translation; conference, community and legal interpreting.
Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and others.
Student exchanges with Taipei.
(December 1994)

University of Iowa. Department of Comparative Literature. Translation Workshop
Iowa City, IA 52242.
Tel: 1.319 3350330. Fax: 1.319 3353843
Established 1977
Students: 10
· Master of Fine Arts in Translation, generally completed in two years.
Specialization: literary translation.
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.
(August 1994)

James Madison
James Madison University
301 Keezell Hall, MSC 1802 Harrisonburg VA 22807
Tel: 540.568 3512. Fax: 540.568 6904
Established 1999
Students: 30-35
- Translation minor (18 credits) focusing on non-literary translation, especially technical and business. Additional courses on Terminology, Computer Tools for Translators, Song Translation and Advertising Translation.
- In progress: Interpreting Minor and English-Spanish Translation Minor.
Specialization: Non-literary translation.
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian.
Comment: A translation center (Madison Linguistic Services) operates from the university.
(January 2000 - Many thanks to Christophe Réthoré)

Kent State
Kent State University. Institute for Applied Linguistics
101 Satterfield Hall. Kent State University. Kent OH 44242
Tel: 1.216 672 3042. Fax: 1.216 672 4009
Established 1988
Students: 80 (60 in Masters; 20 in B.Sc)
· Four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Translation, allowing for concentration in business language for students desiring to pursue a career in international business. This component is designed to coordinate with the programmes of the Kent State University School of International Business.
· Two- year MA in Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies.
The institute supports over4 30 students on graduate assistantships.
Specialization: terminology and translation for international business (B.Sc.); specialized translation, terminology, computer-assisted translation (M.A.).
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, plus Russian at B.Sc. level.
Student exchanges: Leipzig, Bordeaux III, Geneva.
(April 1995; 1998)

Los Angeles
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension
10995 Le Conte Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel: 1.310. 825 52272. Fax: 1.310.206 5066
Established 1981
Students: 40 per year
· One-year certificate programme in interpretation and translation, open to students who are bilingual in English and Spanish (a bachelor's degree is preferred).
Specialization: Legal.
Languages: English, Spanish.
(September 1994)
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Graduate Certificate Program in Translation
(November 2002; our thanks to Beth Rose)

Monterey Institue for International Studies. Translation and Interpretation Division
425 Van Buren Street, Monterey, CA 93940
Tel: 1.408 647-4170. Fax: 1.408 647-3594 or 4199
Established 1965
Students: 138
· Two-year MA in Translation, open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree.
· Two-year MA in Translation and Interpretation, open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree.
· Two-year MA in Conference Interpreting, open to students who have completed a Bachelor's degree.
One-year advanced-entry programmes leading to the above MAs, open to students who have a degree in translation and interpreting and are fluent in two to three languages.
Applicants lacking a BA but possessing the necessary level of language proficiency can earn certificates in any of the Division's three specializations.
Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.
Exchanges with CIUTI schools.
(June 1995)

New York University
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
New York, New York
· M.S. in Translation: 12 to 15 month graduate program leading to a M.S. in Translation. Coursework takes place entirely online, with the exception of the thesis project defense. Source language: English. Target languages: Spanish or French. Open to native or near-native speakers of English who have completed a Bachelor's degree.
Specialization: legal or financial translation.
· Certificate in Medical Interpreting. 120-hour curriculum designed to train entry-level medical interpreters in Spanish or Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).
· Certificate in French to English Simultaneous Interpreting. One course of 80 contact hours delivered in an intensive four week format open to individuals with a mastery of both French and English.
· Certificate in Court Interpreting: Spanish/English. A ll prospective students must pass an oral entrance exam in both languages to determine linguistic competence and general cultural preparation.
· Certificate in Translation. Online program intended for linguistically skilled individuals of diverse professional and educational backgrounds. The certificate can be earned in one of seven language pairs or in general translation. Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German andPortuguese.
New York - Marymount
Marymount Manhatten College
221 East 71st Street. New York, NY 10021-4597.
Tel: 1.212.517 0564. Fax: 1.212.628 4208
Established ???
Students: ???
· Four-semester programme leading to a Translation and Interpreting Certificate.
Specialization: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, especially for the UN and the world court.
Languages: English, French, Spanish.
(January 1995)

The Ohio State University. Slavic and East-European Languages and Literatures
232 Cunz Hall. Columbus OH 43210
Tel: 1.614.292 6733. Fax: 1.614.292 2682
· The Certificate in Russian Translation of the Social Sciences was discontinued in 1990, although the curriculum is still retained for instruction purposes.
Languages: English, Russian.
(July 1994)

Puerto Rico
Universidad de Puerto Rico. Programa Graduado de Traducción
P.O. Box 22613. San Juan, PR 00931-2613
Tel: 1.809.764 0000, ext. 2047. Fax: 1.809.764 4065
Established 1974
Students: 185
· Three-year intermediate programme leading to the degree of Maestría en Artes con especialización en Traducción (M.A. specializing in translation), open to students with a first degree in any area.
· One-year advanced programme leading to a Certificado de Traductor Especializado (certificate in specialized translation), open to students who have completed the Maestría.
Specialization: general and technical translation.
Languages: Spanish, English, French.
(February 1995)

Rutgers University. Spanish Department
64 College Ave. New Brunswick NJ 08903
Tel: 1.908 7201 / 7379. Fax: 1.908 9321111
Established 1982
Students: "fluctuating"
· Undergraduate Certificate of Proficiency in German/English Translation (courses are part of the undergraduate programme in German).
· MA in German Translation Studies.
· Master of Arts in Spanish: Option in Translation (Certificate in Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translation)
Specialization: technical texts, medicine, chemistry, literary texts.
Languages: German, English, Spanish.

San Diego - UCSD
University of California at San Diego - Extension. Interpretation and Translation
- Legal Interpretation and Translation
- Medical Interpretation and Translation
- Professional Certificate in Legal Interpretation and Translation Spanish/English
- Professional Certificate Translation Studies Spanish/English
(MDR 1998)

San Diego - State
San Diego State University. College of Arts and Letters. Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures
San Diego, California 92181-7703
Tel: 1.619.594 5172. Fax: 1.619.594 5293
Established 1980
Students: 50 (30 in Translation Studies, 20 in Court Interpreting)
· One-year (five-course) certificate programme in translation studies, open to undergraduates, graduates and open-university students.
· Two-year (six-course) certificate programme in court interpreting, open to College of Extended Studies students who pass a qualifying exam.
Languages: English, Spanish.
(May 1995)

*Seattle - Sign Language
Seattle Central Community College
1701 Broadway. Seattle, Washington 98122
Tel: 1.206.344 4349
Established 1970
Students: 90
· Two-year programme leading to the degree of Associate of Applied Science, open to students who have completed three quarters of American Sign Language.
Languages: English, American Sign Language.
(July 1994)

Seattle - University of Washington
Department of Asian Languages. Graduate Program in Translation or Interpretation
(MDR 1998)

Southern California
The Southern California School of Interpretation

Terre Haute
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN 47803
Tel: 1.812 877 1793. Fax: 1.812 877 3198
Established 1979
Students: 10
· Two-year programme leading to Certificate in Technical Translation.
Specialization: technical translation (engineering and social sciences).
Languages: English, German.
(October 1994)

Tucson - Court Interpreting
University of Arizona. Summer Institute of Court Interpretation
Geronimo Bldg., Second Floor
PO Box 210432
Tel: 1.520.621 3615. Fax: 1.520.624 8130
Established 1983
Students: 70 per year
·Three-week summer programme offering continuing-education credit and/or three to six graduate or undergraduate credits, open to people working or volunteering as interpreters. Dates: first through third week in June.
Stablished: 1999
Specialization: Court Interpretation: Terminology Building (language of the courtroom, weaponry, drugs, forensics, Spanish regionalisms), Sight Translation, Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Daily Peer and Faculty Critique.
All instructors are Federally Certified Court Interpreters.
Languages: English, Spanish (since 1983), Navajo (since 1993).
Contact: ncitrp@email.arizona.edu
(Our thanks to Eva Morrow)

University of Arizona. Department of Spanish and Portuguese
· Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpretation. The program approaches translation and interpretation comprehensively, focusing on the health care and legal fields.
Languages: English, Spanish

Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
(336) 758-3222
Graduate Program for Interpreting and Translation Studies
website: http://interpretingandtranslation.wfu.edu

The Interpreting and Translation Studies program at Wake Forest University offers a full-time, one year MA degree in three different tracks designed to meet the growing demand for interpreters, translators , teachers of interpreting and culturally competent administrators in healthcare.
MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies
MA in Teaching of Interpreting
MA in Intercultural Services in Healthcare

Graduate Certificate in Interpreting Studies
Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies
Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Services in Healthcare
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching of Interpreting
Graduate Certificate in Audiovisual Translation and Interpreting

Undergraduate certificates are also offered in Medical Spanish, Spanish for Business and Law, Spanish Interpreting and Spanish Translation/Localization.
7/2/2014. Oour thanks to Patrick Pardy


Washington Academy of Languages. Translation and Interpretation Institute